We are 100% Outsourcing Supplier Management –°ompany with 20 years reliable experience of saving partners' time, nerves and money

6 reasons why to start cooperation with B2B Indian Meds

1 Why B2B Indian Meds?

No single shipper will offer so many benefits!


Single Shipper


B2B Indian Meds


2 Why B2B Indian Meds?

We monitor drop shipping market and

carefully select suppliers for you.

We have developed 4-step system for choosing the best partners:

  • 1 negotiations on awesome rates and terms
  • 2 verifying licenses
  • 3 testing products
  • 4 trial shipping for 1 month

Only 1% of Suppliers have passed our regular quality testing. Top Skilled Drop Shippers are ready to ship your orders!

3 Why B2B Indian Meds?

Because you get access to 4500 GMP certified products
and 1000 professional photos.


4 Why B2B Indian Meds?

Because we have developed the most accurate tracking monitor

Stop worrying about your parcels.
We provide you with 24h access to your shipping statuses.
Check and prevent refunds!


The status for your
tracking number is:

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5 Why B2B Indian Meds?

We are saving your time with API!

API processes your orders and places them among 23 best suppliers right after the transaction is
approved. Get your tracking number within 24 hours!

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6 Why B2B Indian Meds?

You will have your own Dedicated Supply Team

We fulfill your requirements 24X7
Feel the difference in the quality of services.